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Dato' Marina

Dato' Marina binti Hashim


Having nurtured in a middle-class family, Dato' Marina became a strong will-powered person. Since young, the healthy competition and interaction with people of diversed walks of life have moulded her to be tolerant, caring, and charitable. This founding qualities groomed her to be resilient and in her own words, 'being straight to the point when it comes to communication and decision making'.

As the Chairperson of Kumpulan Bumikon, her vision for the company is to be a Public Listed Company within the next few years and continue growing exponentially. She says, 'Kumpulan Bumikon is a successful entity and able to complement with other sister companies in terms of business, thus there is no second thought for the envisioned rapid and sustainable growth of Kumpulan Bumikon'.

She adds on, 'the company is only as strong as their employees' which she relates to in appreciation towards the amount of commitment by each contributor of the company'.

She concludes with, 'I am over-joyed when I can assist in uplifting a person or a business venture towards success'.

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