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Trading involves vigorous participation in the commercial markets in comparison to investing, which works on a buy-and-hold strategy. The success of trading is dependant on the ability of a trader to be profitable over a period of time.

Merchandising is the practice of promoting a product or brand through the use of advertising, promotions, and other marketing techniques. It is a key component of any retail business and is used to increase sales and create brand recognition. Merchandising includes activities such as product placement, store displays, promotions, pricing strategies, and more.

Some of the most popular ways to entice buyers to purchase include the following.
  • Window and in-store displays
  • Grouping related products together
  • Shelf signage
  • In-store ads featuring the products
  • Samples and giveaways
  • In-store demonstrations
  • Well-stocked shelves
  • Spotlighting promotional items
With respect to our trading and merchandising line of business, Kumpulan Bumikon have embarked on business partnership with key market players such as Petronas, Davies Lighting, etc. We strive to ensure high quality products for our client’s utmost satisfaction.

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